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Alt Media is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our clients. 

We are committed to your personal and business success by creating beautiful, functional, and responsive websites; well written, search engine optimized content; and innovative marketing solutions.

When you partner with Alt Media, we work together to deliver the best results for your success.

Our History

We began our business writing content and copy for local businesses and professionals. As pioneers in the self publishing field, we expanded our services into guiding our clients through the entire process from book formatting to cover design to marketing. Soon, our services encompassed editing and coaching professionals who wanted to enhance their professional reputations by blogging, writing papers, speeches, or books.

Our next step was to branch out to creating contemporary, clean, beautiful, responsive websites. Afterward, our clients asked us to develop social media marketing strategies and  materials. 

Here at Alt Media, we enjoy ongoing relationships with our clients. We look forward to serving their needs as their businesses change, grow, and develop.

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Is important to us!

June 2018

Lily Temmer is a content writer, editor, marketer, and website designer.

She has degrees in Anthropology and Spanish. However, she has wide ranging interests from art history to psychology. 

Her diverse knowledge has aided in developing content and websites that serve her clientele.

Lily has published four novels and four sets of short stories and has edited professional literature and books for her clients. 

Credibility and transparency are critical in establishing rapport with your prospective clients.

Nely Piper has been a respected portrait and real estate photographer for over thirty years. Nely attended the prestigious Art Institute of Chicago, where she majored in photography. 

Nely will create portraits of you, your staff, and your place of business, thereby ensuring your website generates a personalized and authentic experience for users.

It was a pleasure finding Lily. I could not have dreamed I would ever have the website I now do. She did amazing work for me and the benefits continue to reap with time. Plus, as an expert in business value, she really delivers. Don’t waste your time, money and energy with others. Alt Media will bring you true value for your money.
Andrew J. Swan
Lily is wonderful! She saved my business. I had been waiting for three years for someone who had barely started developing my website to finish it. Needless to say, I lost a lot of business in the interim. Lily stepped in, created a brand new beautiful website that is more reflective of my business and was completed in two weeks. She then began raising my brand awareness by creating content for and managing my Facebook business page and ads, blogging, and doing weekly mailings to my email list. We will soon be expanding to other social media sites. Lily is easy to work with, creative, highly intelligent, and super responsive. She has a great eye and knows what appeals to consumers and clients. She keeps up with the latest marketing trends and understands how to implement them. I’m very happy with our association and recommend Lily’s services highly.
Dr. Bonnie Vulich
Founder & CEO Refine Medical Spa
If you’re challenged by social media like me, I recommend Lily Temmer to get you back on track to your destination. She is s genius. There is nothing she can’t do. Lily is an innovator and a P. R. wizard. I am lucky to have found her.
Eleanor Laser PhD
Founder Chicago Hypnosis
I continue to be happy with Lily Temmer’s work. Lily is patient, genuine, efficient and skilled writer. She has helped me to form into shape so many blog posts, marketing materials, bios for shows and newsletters. She always adapts to my needs as I work as a busy family and portrait photographer. My marketing as a photographer would not be the same without her writing guidelines, direction or posts that were written for me based on my situational description. She knows art in depth so she is perfect fit for my needs as a visual artist. It always a pleasure to work with her so I can have my marketing material in place to attract and work with the right clients and do what I love to do: to photograph.
Anita Nowacka
Anita Nowacka, Seattle Family Photographer
Lily did an excellent job writing for my old website. She translated all my ideas into lucid prose, which captured my unique voice. She understood my needs as an artist and an entrepreneur and was able to organize my content perfectly. After seeing her new website, I hired her to create a new one for me. I am very happy with the result.
Layla Simic
Founder & CEO
I am writing to express how pleased I am with Lily Temmer’s work in setting up my new web site. Being an architect, my web site’s need for effectively organizing more than two hundred images was a particularly demanding task. Working with the web host’s customer support staff, Lily managed to find ways around some of the system’s inherent limitations in order to create the visitor navigation tools required for my site. Through our many hours of telephone conferencing, Lily was especially helpful in patiently explaining to me which of my wishes were possible and which weren’t within my budget. My confidence in not only Lily’s aesthetic judgment but in also her professional writing skills was rewarded as she skillfully polished and refined the first draft of my narratives.
Mickey Propadovich
Founder & CEO Meta-Forms Architects, Inc.
We all have certain skills that we bring to the table, but we don’t always know how to best describe them or how to sell ourselves. In writing biographies and creating websites, Lily brings all our skills to life while adding a human touch to our profiles. As busy professionals we can put our focus on our businesses knowing we are in good hands with Lily.
Nely Piper
Realtor, Broker
When I came to America I was thirty years old. The English Language is my second and I still need help when I need to write a business proposal to bid for a job. In my profession as an electrical engineer good writing is very important. I am happy to have found Ms. Temmer. She has done and is still doing an excellent job for me.
Zlata Simic
Electrical Engineer
This past year with Lily Temmer has helped the CACC Cat Transfer team network our cats, kittens and small animals through the internet and through Facebook. Pictures and whimsical stories written about the animals past and personalities really made our number of likes go up significantly. Our followers login just to see what is new and read our animal profiles. We’ve recruited more rescues and with Lily’s help we kept our live rescue rate well into the 90% range almost all of 2016. She does amazing work and by far exceeded our expectations!
Mike Ryan
Lily created a website for our medical practice, The Center for Integrative Medicine in Park Ridge. We were very pleased with her fast, affordable, and attractive work. We then hired her to edit two of Dr. Zdravkov's books on the topic of integrative medicine, which were published in 2018. She did an outstanding job, given the specialized medical nature of the subject matter. She then went on to create the marketing materials we use to promote the books. We highly recommend her services.
Center for Integrative Medicine

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