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Lily Temmer

CEO / Founder

I’m here to take the stress off of you, help you brand your business, and create your website!

Your Cannabis Business

Cannabusinesses are set to boom. Whether you own a dispensary or are selling products, we are here to help.

You will want your website to stand out from your competitors and be the best it can be. Don’t settle for a third rate website. We can show you how to get it right. 

We can create anything from clean and contemporary to fresh and funky to get your website seen on the Internet. Check out our sample dispensary and store pages in the drop down menus to see the kind of work we can do for you. And please return, since we add fresh material all the time.

Fresh & Contemporary

There’s so much we can do these days to get your brand message across on your website. Beautiful and authentic images, video content, motion features and stunning headers can express your unique identity and separate you from the crowd.

Most frequent questions and answers

Phase 1: We discuss your overall business goals. If you have a website, we consider the elements which are currently working. Then we will create a list of the elements that need to be updated or added to get your website to be competitive. 

If you do not have a website, we will consider, or work with you, to create  your overall vision, branding, and philosophy.

Then, I will research your competitors’ websites to see how we can make yours even better than theirs. Together, we will decide on the color palette, fonts and images that will reflect not only your style but how those elements will appeal to your target audiences. 

 All these factors will work together to create your unique web presence.

Phase 2: I will create an initial live page to give you an overview of the look of your website and send you a link to it for your approval.

Phase 3: Based on your feedback, I will create the other agreed upon pages and submit them for review.

Yes! Your website will be scalable and responsive. We can build it out as your needs change and grow. Any images and written content can be changed at any time. 

If you want control of your website or store after completion, I will add a page builder and teach you how to use it, so that you can add product images or content by yourself. 

I will give you a contract. When we agree to the terms, the work will begin.

Payment can be by check, credit card or PayPal. 50% to start your project, 40% upon 90% completion, and the last 10% before the site goes live. 

Yes. SEO is an integral part of your on page content. All of your content will be thoroughly planned, your keywords researched and your headings optimized. Your content will be written with the end user in mind, so that can get the answers they need and forge a bond with your brand. 

Additionally, I will optimize your website for voice and local search, if necessary, as well as creating the technical SEO that will get you noticed.

I highly recommend blogging after your website is finished to boost your ranking. I can teach you how to blog properly or write your blog for you. 

Yes. I will maintain your site and do all the updates. Your host will will do some technical updates and save your site regularly as well. 

I can also teach you to do what is necessary to keep your site functioning optimally.

Yes. I will build your online store including pictures of your products, pricing, and cart. 

Your website will be secure and connected to whichever method you use to collect money.

I can build your store on WordPress or Shopify, according to your needs. If we use WordPress, I will put in a page builder so that you can manage your own products should you choose to. 

Marketing. I will consult with you about the best course of marketing for your business.

I can set up, or manage, your social media channels, email list, and newsletter. I can create or manage your social media ads or Google Ads ( certification coming soon).

I can also devise a marketing strategy for you and teach you how to do it all yourself. 

We build delightful websites that will add value to your business

When you succeed, we succeed. We want to grow with you, whether you are a solopreneur, a start up, or a small, medium to large business.