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Build n Brand Websites

We teach you the fundamentals of branding and building websites Whether you decide to build your own website or hire a developer, you should be aware of principles of branding
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I created this site for a naprapath, who also specialized in energy medicine.  I dislike the look of factory medicine where large chunks of blue predominate and the whole effort
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Website Design for Medical, Health, and Wellness Practices This is our sister site Medicus Digital. We specialize in designing and developing websites for doctors, dentists, psychologists, therapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists,
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Non-for-Profit Website

I created this website for a non for profit organization. This organization helps older adults transition to new jobs. Additionally, the organization also offers Alzheimer’s training for caretakers and professionals
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A genuine pleasure to work on, this site was created for a real estate broker who takes her own photographs. Because of the fine quality of the photographs, I was
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Medical Spa

I created this site for Refine Medical Spa. Besides extensive drop down menus describing all services and therapeutic modalities, I focused on creating image rich pages which showcase a diverse
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It was a pleasure finding Lily. I could not have dreamed I would ever have the website I now do. She did amazing work for me and the benefits continue to reap with time. Plus, as an expert in business value, she really delivers. Don’t waste your time, money and energy with others. Alt Media will bring you true value for your money.

Andrew J. Swan PhD