Our Services

Our services include responsive, SEO optimized websites, marketing, and content creation.

Don't be the biggest fish in the pond. Be the biggest fish in the ocean

Website Design

Multiple factors, including quality content, link building, and SEO, contribute to building the best website for your business. 

Alt Media creates new, responsive websites or refreshes outdated websites for a classically clean, professional appearance that delivers results to you and your clients. 

Your website makes you visible

Your website is your most important marketing tool. It’s your chance to position yourself and have high visibility, whether your market is local or global.
No website, or a poor website, means losing out on business. First impressions are made in seconds, therefore your website must deliver in terms of beauty, functionality, ease of use, and information delivered.

In a world full of hot air, your content must be clear, concise and compelling


The quality of the information that your website delivers to the end user is critical to your success. When people are searching for answers, they want to find them fast. Blogging, page content, videos, e-books, and social media posts are the are types of content that Alt Media produces to help clients get their message out to the public and build relationships that lead to conversions.

Content is written to inform and engage the end user, but on your website pages and posts, it goes hand in hand with keywords that help search engines determine your ranking.


SEO doesn’t consist of a keyphrase and a meta-description written on the back end of your website.

As search engines get smarter, they are able to descern to quality of the information on your pages. That means well written, well organized informative content is one of the key factors to your success.

As more websites proliferate across the Internet and the competition increases, you must stay ahead of your competitors by having your content optimized for voice searches and if your business is location dependent, for local searches. 


Marketing is about sharing your passion


Content marketing seeks to give your audience something of value in exchange for their loyalty. Using valuable materials such as blogs, articles, newsletters, podcasts, emails, social media posts, and videos to inform, educate, and entertain, it seeks to draw consumers to you.

Traditional marketing techniques include print and broadcast materials, referrals, and direct mailings.

Both traditional and content marketing strategies work well depending on your needs.

Client FAQ

The process is straightforward:

Phase 1: We discuss your goals. If you have a website, we consider what is working  currently and what needs updating. If you do not have a website, we will consider your overall vision, branding, and philosophy to create your unique web presence. Then, I will research your  competitor’s  websites. Together, we will decide on the color palette and images that will reflect not only your or your company’s style but how those elements will appeal to your target audiences. 

Phase 2: I will create the initial page to give you an overview of the look of your website and send you a link to it for your approval.

Phase 3: Based on your feedback I will create the other agreed upon pages. 

I primarily use WordPress, the most flexible and Google friendly platform on the market. If you love Wix, we can use it as well. 

In WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. They can be customized for a completely unique look, so that your website will never resemble any one else’s, regardless of the theme in use. 

A template is part of a WordPress page. A header is an example of a template.

Using themes and templates makes having a website accessible and affordable to small business owners, unlike the days when custom web design and development was prohibitively expensive. 

Payment can be by check, credit card or PayPal. 50 % to start your project, 40 % upon 90% completion, and the last 10% when the site goes live. 

I will recommend the best hosting solutions for you depending on your needs and guide you through the process. 

Our communications will be through phone and email.

Your new website is the beginning of your journey. Together we can determine how to get your message out there, whether it’s through social media posts, emails, blogging, or social media ads.

Are you are thinking about writing a book to enhance your business prospects or bring information to your clients?

Are you are embarking on your first work of fiction and need guidance?

Are you stuck on a writing project?

Do you need an editor to help shape your manuscript?

I am a published author who has written four novels and four sets of short stories. I can teach you how to take charge of your entire process from outline to publication and beyond.

  • I offer developmental and line editing;
  • Help you to create a cohesive outline before you begin writing or if you are stuck at any point in the process;
  • Develop a workable writing schedule for you.

Additionally, I will explain both the traditional, hybrid, and self -publishing processes.

  • I will help you craft effective agent queries and synopses;
  • Guide you through the self –publishing process.

How you market yourself once you are published is critical to your success.

  • I will teach you the best way to build an email list;
  • Show you how successive rapid releases affect your success;
  • Teach you how effective book cover art translates into sales;
  • Help you craft a great blurb that will hook the reader.
  • Show you how to use social media to promote your work.