Our Services

Branding, Website Design, Content Creation and Digital Marketing

Website Design

Multiple factors, including quality content, link building, and SEO, contribute to building the best website for your business. 

Alt Media creates new, responsive websites or refreshes outdated websites for a classically clean, professional appearance that delivers results to you and your clients. 


Your website makes you visible

Your website is your most important marketing tool. It’s your chance to position yourself and have high visibility, whether your market is local or global.

Content and Copywriting

The quality of the information that your website delivers to the end user is critical to your success. When people are searching for answers, they want to find them fast. Blogging, page content, videos, e-books, and social media posts are the are types of content that Alt Media produces to help clients get their message out to the public and build relationships that lead to conversions.

Content is written to inform and engage the end user, but on your website pages and posts, it goes hand in hand with keywords that help search engines determine your ranking.




SEO doesn’t consist of a keyphrase and a meta-description written on the back end of your website.

As search engines get smarter, they are able to discern the quality of the information on your pages. That means well written, well organized informative content is one of the key factors to your success.

As more websites proliferate across the Internet and the competition increases, you must stay ahead of your competitors by having your content optimized for voice searches and if your business is location dependent, for local searches. 




Content marketing seeks to give your audience something of value in exchange for their loyalty. Using valuable materials such as blogs, articles, newsletters, podcasts, emails, social media posts, and videos to inform, educate, and entertain, it seeks to draw consumers to you.

Traditional marketing techniques include print and broadcast materials, referrals, and direct mailings.

Both traditional and content marketing strategies work well depending on your needs.


Branding sets you apart from your competitors. It consists of your philosophy, your personality, and your voice. It also communicates the value you bring to the customer.  Your website is generally the first impression and overview a user will get of your entire business. Branding should:

  • Make you memorable
  • Build trust 
  • Build loyalty
  • Define your image
  • Give a clear overview of your business

Branding begins by defining your ideal customer profile, so that your website appeals to your targeted demographics from the outset.

Your Business

Alt Media  brings value to small, medium and established businesses.

We modernize your business, create a stunning Internet presence, and get you ranked on Google.

We also build your email list, create blog posts, newsletters and other email marketing materials, social media pages and posts for you that will drive people to your website.

If you’re challenged by social media like me, I recommend Lily Temmer to get you back on track to your destination. She is a genius. There is nothing she can’t do. Lily is an innovator and a P. R. wizard. I am lucky to have found her.