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Our makeup and skincare lines are all about health. Whether you are going full spectrum or isolate, we have products that will suit your unique needs.

What is it that makes CBD so effective?

CBD cannabidoils soothe and calm skin. They have anti-inflammatory properties which is great news for acne suffers, people with rosacea and other inflammatory conditions. 

We derive our products from organic hemp, which is rigorously tested for impurities and distilled to bring the natural healing properties of CBD oil to your skin.

Beauty starts with great skin

Cannaskin offers a full range of CBD skin, make-up and hair products that nourish and hydrate.

Scientists have discovered that cannabidoils have remarkable healing and anti-ageing properties that will help your stressed hair and skin build collagen and elastin, resulting in a healthier, more youthful appearance.

Regenerate your skin and hair with CannaSkin. 


CBD mASK - Deep cleaning pore tightening anti-inflammatory

Clean, poreless skin provides the perfect canvas, whether you opt for one of our skin nourishing make-up lines or go completely bare faced!


Our newest line of exfoliating masks will leave your skin smooth without harsh, drying or damaging effects.

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