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Tips for creating a great website for your CBD product

Create a great CBD website Which platform will you use to create your CBD website? Creating your online store will be one of your top priorities. Choosing a platform will be a decision you will need to make early on.  Shopify or WordPress are considered to be the top content management systems for creating online stores. However, when it comes to CBD products, this decision can in part be made by default. You can
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How will I brand and market my CBD beauty product?

If you are reading this, chances are you are starting up with a small artisanal product. You have luck on your side because you are in a upwardly trending niche, CBD extracts. The global CBD cosmetics market is estimated to be valued at over $580 million and is set to surge upward. Therefore, a demand for your products already exists, and you won’t have to second guess the market.
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Products made from hemp

What kinds of products can be made from hemp? Many products can be made from hemp ranging from foods to clothing to paper to car bodies! Read on to find out more about this miraculous plant. What is the difference between hemp and cannabis? Hemp is commonly confused with marijuana.  Hemp and marijuana both belong to the cannabis genus of plants. Marijuana contains high amounts of THC, the chemical that is responsible for its
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Cannabis Tourism in Chicago

Cannabis Tourism in Chicago Cannabis tourism in Chicago was set to boom prior to the outbreak of Covid -19. What can we look forward to into the future, once things open up again? Cannabis Tourism and COVID19 As we are now in the midst of the Coronavirus epidemic, we are hopefully fortunate enough to be working from home, while socially distancing and trying to stay healthy and well. Hopefully unemployment insurance, small business loans
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How clean is my dispensary?

Is my dispensary taking precautions against Coronavirus? Right now you are probably staying at home, practicing social distancing and washing your hands often. If you are like many cannabis users, you are ordering online and picking up curbside.  But what is actually going on at your dispensary?  What sorts of precautions are being taken there? Many dispensaries report that they insist their bud tenders wash their hands between every transaction and that surfaces are
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Can CBD boost my immune system?

What should I do to lessen my chances of contracting Coronavirus? If you, like many people in the world, are worried about Corona virus, you may want to optimize your health and wellness regime as much as possible. Chances are you are already socially isolating, working from home, not taking public transportation and so on. There is much advice and misinformation on the Internet today, so you  may want to do some research before succumbing
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