Anita Nowacka Family Photography Seattle, WA

Anita Nowacka Photography-Directed Photojournalism.

No two families are alike, but all families have one thing in common.


Anita Nowacka, Seattle’s leading family photographer, understands that parents and children create memories together. Working under the brilliant natural light of the Pacific Northwest, Anita utilizes outdoor settings to bring out the inherent beauty and spontaneity of her subjects.



Anita’s process is grounded in a thorough understanding of composition, yet she creates images which seem totally natural and unrehearsed.


Anita calls this ability ‘Directed photojournalism’. By guiding her subjects, she captures the unique and defining moments of their lives.


Anita says that once out in nature families begin to have the best time, and their love and connection is demonstrated in the sweetest and most joyful ways. But how does she bring her subjects out? Anita believes the trick is to make her clients feel relaxed and to establish trust and connection by using humor and honesty.  ‘We’re in it together, ‘Anita says, ‘and we have time to make it happen.’


Anita starts out with some direction, such as telling her clients to turn their head a certain way, but when her subjects begin to feel comfortable, the magic of the moment can be captured forever.

Anita Nowacka Photography Seattle

Anita intuited that a sense of curiosity must be fostered when working with children. Children are naturally curious about her and what she does. Anita is curious about the things they have in their hands or are paying attention to. Often they’ll show her what are holding and that is when things begin to unfold.

Anita Nowacka

But what makes Anita’s photographs so superior? A blending of subject matter, timing, color, composition, light, and the fact that her photos can evoke an emotional response and tell a story all contribute to the excellence of her work.

People ask, what is art? Art is something utterly undefinable, yet we all know it when we see it. At Anita Nowacka photography, art is where life and film merge.

Seattle Family Photographer

Anita Nowacka

Seattle Family Photographer

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