Sample Biographies for Realtors


General and short:

Lily Temmer knows that selling or buying a home is one of the biggest challenges most people will ever face. Her goal is make the entire process as stress free as possible for her clients, while obtaining the greatest value for their money. Her strong negotiating skills, knowledge of real estate law and finance options make Lily a powerful advocate on her clients’ behalf.

A Realtor since 2001, Lily obtained her GRI in 2002 and her Brokers license in 2009. As a multi-million dollar producer, she has sold Chicago properties from Hyde Park to Glencoe.  Besides being a great listener, Lily is an insightful adviser and teacher giving her 100,000k prospects the same undivided attention and support as she does her multi-million clients.

Lily’s internet proficiency and art background assures a successful marketing and advertising plan on her clients’ behalf, and her knowledge of the housing inventory Chicago and the North Shore assures she will never waste her clients’ time showing inferior properties or mispricing for sale properties.

‘I know how busy my clients are, and I want to make the entire process as easy and pleasant as possible for them,’ she says.

An anthropology major in college, Lily is familiar with diverse customs and cultural expectations. Lily speaks several languages and is fluent in Serbo-Croatian and Spanish. In her free time she enjoys writing for pet rescue organizations, swimming and gardening.


Market Specific:

Lillian Temmer was sensitized to great architecture while visiting cities such as Rome, Venice, and Paris as a girl. Always in love with houses and apartment buildings, her taste was further refined in Oak Park IL. the epicenter of the Prairie School of Architecture.

After she moved to 990 N. Lake Shore as a young bride in the 1980’s she had the incredible privilege of viewing the finest residential buildings in Streeterville and the Gold Coast from the unique perspective of a buyer.

Attentive to the record development of Chicago over the following decades, she developed an encyclopedic knowledge of the extensive housing inventory along the Lakefront. This, along with her photographic memory of floorplans and design, contribute to the incredible success she has had in matching discerning buyers to the residences of their dreams.

Additionally, she has followed the fluctuations in prices and knows which buildings have stagnated, held their value, or have skyrocketed in inflation adjusted dollar amounts. Whether working with buyers, sellers, or investors, she excels at comparing and pricing properties, thus concluding transactions in record time.

A great listener, Lillian’s sensitivity and responsiveness to her clients’ needs make her a pleasure to work with.  Her calm friendly personality and ability to build relationships with other realtors have ensured successful negotiations time and time again.

‘It’s never about making a sale for me,’ Lillian says. ‘I’m fascinated by the way we view and relate to our homes. I’m always excited to learn more about history, architecture, décor and living patterns, and in 2015, I went on a six week tour of the great houses in England.  My continuing education has contributed to my discernment and ability to present the best options to my clients. Mostly, I’m thrilled to bring my competence to the table and realize my clients’ wishes in a stress free manner that is, and will, remain memorable.’


Corporate/ Finance:

Lillian Temmer graduated from the University of Illinois with honors. Though her formal background is in Anthropology, her interest in design and architecture prepared her the first phase of her career. Working alongside her husband, she bought and rehabbed properties on the Gold Coast and Streeterville in the 1980’s. A discerning investor, Lillian has an encyclopedic knowledge of Chicago neighborhoods and takes a market based approach to purchasing real estate. For four decades she has followed the fluctuations in prices and knows which buildings have stagnated, held their value, or have skyrocketed in inflation adjusted dollar amounts.

Joining Rubloff Residential Properties as a sales associate in 2001, Lillian acquired a GRI designation the following year. During her tenure at Rubloff she was taught property valuation and investment analysis by co-owner, and commercial broker, Howard Weinstein. She applied her knowledge to the laser precision pricing of residential and investment properties for her clients. This, along with her extensive marketing skills, proved successful in the highly competitive markets she served.

A multi- million dollar producer, award winning Lillian is a member of the Four Million Dollar Club. In 2008, she expanded to Chicago’s North Shore, bringing her expertise to young families relocating from the city. She became a licensed broker in 2009 and continues to further her education.


Young/ Quick scroll

Lily is as passionate about real estate as she is serving her clients. A lifelong resident of Chicago she is familiar with Chicago Neighborhoods ranging from Bucktown to Evanston. Before she became a multi-million dollar producer, she was a real estate investor and is great teacher and adviser about the ins- and -outs of home ownership.

Knowledgeable about Chicago’s restaurant scene and cultural events, Lily is as comfortable dressing for the opera as she is sampling beer before a Cubs game. An avid events planner, she can advise you on everything from finding the best florist in Chicago to great places to shop for ethnic food ingredients.

In her free time, Lily has been a volunteer at the Field Museum and a writer for multiple animal rescue organizations. When not catering to her three black cats, she can be found cycling along the lake front.

  • Multi -million dollar producer
  • New construction expert
  • Specializes in condominium, single family home, and townhouse sales.
  • Real Estate Sales license -2001
  • GRI, Graduate Realtor Institute -2002
  • Broker’s License -2009
  • Areas of expertise:  Evanston, Winnetka, Gold Coast, Streeterville, Lake View, Bucktown.


 Immigrant /American Dream:

Also can be shortened and written in the 3rd person

‘My journey to becoming a real estate broker was deeply rooted in my childhood,’ award winning broker, Lillian Temmer, explains.

‘I grew up in The Former Yugoslavia, which was socialist at the time. The destruction of infrastructure during the Second World War caused a severe housing shortage for decades afterward. Sometimes multiple families had to share houses or apartments, making for tense and unpleasant situations.

‘Due to political reasons, our home was confiscated by the government, and our family had to move into my grandparents’ tiny apartment in Belgrade. This was an untenable long term solution, so my parents decided to immigrate to the United States.

‘When I was six years old, we landed in Oak Park, which was the home of the Prairie School of Architecture. I was immediately smitten and would daily take the long way home from school to ogle the incredible houses on Forest Avenue.  Eventually, my curiosity overtook me, and not knowing the customs in the States, I began knocking on doors and asking, “Do you live in a Frank Lloyd Wright House?” Usually my query was met by disbelief by the startled owners, and, occasionally, an invitation to come in and look around.

‘A while later, my best friend’s family moved into one of those houses, and by extension, I got my entrée into the neighborhood. So many of my aesthetic sensibilities were formed then. Most importantly, I came away with the idea that home ownership could contribute to making life beautiful, secure and peaceful.

‘I became a Realtor because I wanted to help people find the most appropriate home for themselves. I’ve always been a great listener, but a good agent has to read between the lines to understand what people truly need. I never had a miss relying on my judgement, and the joy I see in my clients’ eyes when they find their true home is an unparalleled source of satisfaction.

‘Though I started my career on the Gold Coast and in Streeterville, I’ve worked with buyers, sellers, and investors in Chicago’s lake front neighborhoods ranging from Hyde Park to Glencoe, helping them assess the viability of their transactions from both a financial and a personal perspective.

‘I look to the long term happiness and success of my clients and endeavor to make the experience of buying and selling property as stress free as possible. To help clients reach their goals, I have assembled a team of knowledgeable and highly competent professionals from a pool of lenders, attorneys, movers, architects, and inspectors.

‘In the end concluding a successful transaction comes down to making people happy,’ Lillian concludes, ‘and isn’t the attainment of happiness the true wish behind all our endeavors?’


Friendly/ Helpful/ Dedicated

Lily Temmer always loved houses and interior design. Growing up in Oak Park, she would knock on the doors of Frank Lloyd Wright houses hoping to be invited in for a closer look. ‘It sure prepared me for my future career!’ she exclaims.

Despite her attachment to Oak Park, she moved to the city during college and married shortly thereafter.

‘What I appreciate most about Chicago is its incredibly diverse architecture. Even a kid I would so look forward to driving the length of Lake Shore Drive with my dad and fantasize about living there. I got my wish, and I got to view the finest addresses in town as a buyer. It put me in a unique position of thoroughly understanding my clients’ needs.’

When it came time to choose a profession, Lily naturally gravitated towards real estate. ‘It combined my interests in the best possible way,’ she says. ‘It’s enormously important to have wide ranging skills –as adviser, teacher, negotiator, and team leader while serving clients, but none of it works without a driving desire to deliver the best product possible. You have to have a sincere interest in people and understand what motivates them to be able to do that.’

Lily’s art and design background, as well as her ability to write compelling descriptions of sales properties, have proven invaluable in showcasing clients’ homes to their greatest advantage. ‘Pricing is an art but presentation is half the battle. I’m as happy in arranging the furniture as I am creating a marketing plan. I’ve also realized that many buyers can’t read floorplans or visualize layouts, so it helps tremendously that I can describe how their rooms would look once they move in,’ Lily explains.

Though Lily is a multi- million dollar producer, she gives all her clients her undivided attention, whether they are renting an apartment or purchasing an exclusive co-op. ‘Everyone deserves to have the most amazing home possible. Looking toward the future, I help my clients make the best aesthetic and financially sound decisions possible.’

Even after a busy day at work Lily still remains intrigued by residential housing. ‘I plan my daily walk so I can enjoy the best vantage of various homes and gardens,’ she says. ‘I’ve also realized that most of my hobbies like decorating, gardening, cooking, and entertaining revolve around the home. I’m dedicated to using all my knowledge to bring added value to my clients during the entire process of selling or searching for the ideal home.’ she concludes.


Task Oriented

  1. A brief bio with your credentials.
  2. What your sellers can expect from you.
  3. What your buyers can expect from you.
  4. A personalized and welcoming call to action.

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