Rock Band

Kelakos Returns

Forty-five years after their first album GONE ARE THE DAYS, the classic rock 70s band KELAKOS (Ka – LOCK – us) is making a comeback with a major 12-song album release.

I created the site to promote the band and highlight their album/CD/ video releases.

For their first release in the “70’s the band posed in front of a saling ship-the Mayflower, in fact. For their newest release, Hurtling Towards Extinction, the setting is a spaceship. I created a hurtling, rotating cube with these two images on the home page.

I opened the first page with a video of space in the hero section that almost perfectly matched the graphics for the album by the talented, Eric Phillipe. I then created pages for the band, the store, video releases and a shop.

The band is thrilled with the result, as am I.  To visit the site, please use the button below. 

The review below, which is not posting on my Google business page but is showing as if it has posted on the client end.