Social Media Marketing

Over the next few years, SEO for ranking will be gradually phased out as Google moves into voice searches. Social Media advertising will be one way to be seen. Of course, for that advertising to be successful, your businesses needs to have a well developed social media page that potential clients can vet. This is true despite Facebook algorithm changes separating the News feed from the Pages feed. These posts are typical of those I create  daily for Refine Medical Spa, in addition to posts about health and well being. To see more please visit:

Refinemedspachicago on Instagram    

Refinemedspa on Facebook  

eyes and specials

what is acne Copy

men coolscupt

BRIDEs maids Copy

BRIDE Copy (1)



These are other social media pages I manage and have developed.


L.S. Temmer Books

Alt Media@webdesignbylily




Nely Piper Real Estate

Mickey Propadovich, Architect

Dr. Bonnie Vulich

Dr. Eleanor Laser





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