Nely Piper, Realtor

For Zillow

Nely  Piper knows that selling or buying a home is one of the biggest challenges most people will ever face. Her goal is make the entire process as stress free as possible for her clients, while obtaining the greatest value for their money.

A top producer for twenty-seven years, Nely is an insightful teacher and adviser. Her strong negotiating skills, knowledge of real estate law and finance options, as well as her familiarity with the housing inventory in McHenry  County, make Nely a powerful advocate on her clients’ behalf.

In addition to her brokerage license, Nely holds an e-pro certification and is an expert in short sales, making her a skillful negotiator during a potentially difficult process.  Nely’s formal education in art and photography, along with her Internet proficiency, assures a successful marketing and advertising plan.

Whether working with experienced developers and sellers or first time home buyers, Nely gives her clients her undivided attention and support helping them transition to the next exciting chapter of their lives.

For LinkedIn:

With twenty-nine years of experience as a top ranking real estate broker, Nely Piper knows that personal relationships are the key to her success.

‘I’ve won many awards, from Rookie of the Year to the President’s Club in 2016, but what I really care about are my clients and the level of professionalism I deliver to each person I’ve worked with,’ Nely says.

Nely studied art and photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she acquired skills which have proven invaluable as the digital age evolved.

‘I have a discerning eye, which is critical in staging and photographing my clients’ homes before they are listed for sale.’ Nely explains. ‘I take my own photographs. That way I can present sellers’ homes to their greatest advantage, editing all the way. Correct pricing is critically important, but presentation is one of the most important steps in marketing a property. I advise my clients how to prepare and organize their homes before we go live. This will maximize the value of their homes and often translates to significant increases in sales price.’

Nely has an e-Pro designation, which certifies agents in the latest Internet technologies and marketing strategies. Using her training and experience, Nely develops individualized marketing plans for each seller optimized towards their unique home and market.

‘My greatest strength apart from marketing is negotiation,’ Nely explains. ‘Since 1988, I’ve successfully negotiated thousands of deals. My experience helps me discern all the various outcomes that can occur during the process. With that knowledge I’m able to advise my clients in order to obtain the best possible outcome for them.’

Nely has a comprehensive knowledge of the housing inventory in Mchenry, Lake, and northern Cook Counties. Her buyers benefit from the fact that she knows which areas have held their value, stagnated, or have increased in price over the years, thus ensuring she can guide them to making the best long term decision in purchasing property.

Nely’s clients have often said that Nely is a great listener who is completely responsive to their needs and wishes. They agree Nely is never a sales person but a wise and caring friend, adviser, and teacher who has helped them transition to the next phase of their lives.

Nely Piper


Mickey Propadovich for MetaForms-Architects

Founded and headed by Mickey Propadovich, MetaForms – Architects, Inc. has been in the business of providing architectural services in the Chicago area since 1995.  Responsiveness to client needs, creative but logical solutions to problems, attention to detail, and thoroughness in carrying out tasks is the bedrock of MFA’s philosophy.

Mickey Propadovich has been licensed since 1979 to practice architecture in the state of Illinois.  He holds a degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Prior to establishing his independent practice, he was a staff architect first with the Office of Mies van der Rohe and then with Kenneth N. Folgers Architects.

As a staff architect, Mickey Propadovich advanced from a junior architect to a senior project architect, eventually managing all aspects of large commercial and institutional projects, such as corporate office facilities and courtrooms.

At MetaForms-Architects, Mr. Propadovich has provided architectural services to property developers constructing speculative housing ranging from single family homes to multi-unit buildings.  He has also developed designs for large unbuilt residential projects.

Working with private homeowners to design new homes or to remodel and expand existing ones is a challenge which Mickey Propadovich especially enjoys.

In an effort to recycle rundown but structurally sound housing stock, Mickey Propadovich has considerable experience producing drawings for the gutting and rebuilding of vintage apartment buildings.  Such broad renovation provides all the modern amenities that homeowners have come to expect without the need to completely demolish old buildings.

Rounding out his independent practice, Mickey Propadovich has worked with clients to design many thousands of square feet of office space as well as car washes, bars, a physical fitness center, and new store fronts.

Meta-Forms Architects


Layla Simic-Artist

My art had its beginning in spontaneous pen doodles that I would draw in free moments. Eventually all of my notebooks and schoolbooks were filled with it.

I started college not really knowing what I wanted to do, though I had a feeling that there was a creative vein inside of me waiting to be tapped.

Around the same time, I began to be deeply interested in forms of spiritual self-discovery. Through my readings, I uncovered an affinity with the Celtic world view. I believe that most pre-Christian European peoples have had similar esoteric perspectives centering around cyclical cosmic patterns. I found that a deep respect for nature and all life cycles is mirrored in the organic forms of Celtic art. I realized that in a sense the shapes I was producing echoed those forms.

My mother has a degree in fine arts, and we had canvases and oils around the house. I produced my first painting, again, spontaneously, culminating in a series of intricate shapes and biomorphic forms. I continued sketched consistently since that time, for a period of about a decade.

My current body of work was produced beginning in 2002, through the medium of colored pencil and paper. I work in my studio with the aid of film playing in the background. This produces a meditative state out of which shapes flow organically when I put pen to paper. Once the initial sketch is completed I choose the colors according to my mood and work them in until a fluid smoothness is achieved.
My work has been compared to musical composition rather than narrative. In a sense that is true. My inspiration comes from a deep dream state where I am able to contact the source of creativity, the inspiration behind all that is manifested in the world, that is, the Great All.

Layla Simic Art


Andrew Swan- Knowledge Management

Andrew J. Swan’s interest in Knowledge Management stemmed from his academic background and his initial work in the library systems of Columbia University in New York City. That interest grew organically over time from the issues he encountered in the business world.

Initially attracted by the growing application of information technology to the vast wealth of information resources in the libraries, Andrew pioneered phases of the Knowledge Management Field even before it was named.

Upon graduation, Andrew entered the business world as a systems analyst, solving process and I.T. issues, regarding the volume of transactions in the financial service industry. However, Andrew realized that the problems companies were encountering were not simply I.T. or systems related, and that an inter-disciplinary approach combining customer management, business intelligence, business strategy, and business processes was necessary to solve relevant stumbling blocks.

The necessity of taking a multi-disciplinary approach prompted Andrew to obtain a MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. The curriculum emphasized Research Theory and First Principles, which would provide Andrew with a solid foundation for his assignments in the business world.

While working at First National Bank of Chicago, Andrew was attracted to research issues in emerging financial derivatives requiring a combination of computer analytics, market data, and financial theory. This phase launched Andrew’s career in Business Research.

As he was teaching undergraduate management classes at Boston University and DePaul University-Chicago, Andrew increasingly desired to blend academic theory with practical emerging management issues in Knowledge Management.

Concurrently working at leading consulting firms, Andrew pursued a PhD. at the University of Bath, in Bath, UK, which focused on the delivery of company value chains in the US and the UK. His thesis emphasized the conceptualization, definition, implementation and management of value across a firm and its suppliers.

Simultaneously realizing the cross functional nature of Knowledge Management, and that information and data were only as good as the value they delivered to businesses, Andrew completed an innovative applied graduate degree in Knowledge Management at Columbia University, New York.

As a seasoned Knowledge Management professional with experience at preeminent global firms, Andrew would welcome the opportunity to discuss your company’s needs and explore how his academic and professional training would optimize value for your organization.

Andrew is fluent in English and French, conversant in German, and has a basic knowledge of Spanish.

Andrew J. Swan


L.S. Temmer -Author

When I was growing up, long an only child, before computers and electronic games, in a remote part of the world lacking in endless television programming, time seemed to stretch, and the days lingered and were filled with hidden wonder and meaning.

What magic lay beyond the enchantment of the garden, the buzzing of the bees, the wind in the trees; the rustling it produced? What hidden movement powered the storms, the endless sky, the dark cypress trees, the blue green depths of the Adriatic sea? What magic in the morning mist, the quiet communion of horses, the night sky awash with brilliant stars, distant and cold!

I was alone, free to think and wander and delight in each flower and blade of grass; the plums in the orchard, the grapes on the vine, the berries on the mountain. The sheep grazed on the hills, the cows in the meadows; and everything was whole and infused with significance.

Much later when that world was shattered, and I came to a cold and gray city; a stranger, lonely and odd, books filled my world and stories became more real than any dismal and bleak reality. What knowledge could be found within those mysterious covers; in that new language, the language of Shakespeare and King James, rich and varied; powerful and austere!

The will to know all things drove me; all the things that man knew and sought to know. And in that profound human silence, the voices of the books, so terribly alive, willed me to understand that I was not alone, that there were many others with stories to tell of all the horror and beauty in the world and the wretchedness and glory of man.

These are my stories and, within them, the streams of those which have come before mine. I try to make them worthy and tell them truly.

L.S Temmer Books


Anita Nowacka -Photographer

Anita Nowacka ( pronounced Novatzka) is a visual artist who lives in Seattle and works as a family and portrait photographer.  Anita was born in Poland, a land of contradictions and contrasts.

Poland, which derives from the word ‘polye’ or fields, is a beautiful land, yet has been ravaged by centuries of war and more recently by decades of communism. The people are hospitable and open to strangers yet remain closed to new concepts and life paths.

In search of a more authentic existence, and longing for color and diversity after the gritty Polish urban landscape, Anita left Poland in 1992 with two suitcases and a law diploma, settling in the United States.

Anita’s work is created under natural light, with deliberate in-camera composition and with the objective of creating portraits that express the spontaneity, beauty and temperament of her subjects. And yet, influenced by her early life, she seeks out contradictions and contrasts while making those images and is drawn to working in black and white film.

In addition to commercial photography work, Anita offers personalized coaching and portfolio reviews for anyone interested in improving their photography skills, including parents who are seeking to make more artful images of their children.

Anita has been voted as “Seattle’s Most Awesome Family Photographer” in 2012 and currently works as an instructor for National Geographic Expeditions, a program which teaches students to develop stronger images under the guidance of award winning National Geographic photographers.

Anita Nowacka Photography


Bonnie Vulich, D.O. -Doctor

Doctor Bonnie Vulich, founder of Refine Medical Spa, is a caring professional dedicated to the well being of her patients.  A graduate of The Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, she has always taken a holistic and comprehensive approach in her practice. Doctor Vulich regards the body as an integrated whole focusing on patient-oriented versus disease-oriented health care.

Always fascinated by anti-ageing medicine, she founded Refine Medical Spa in 2003 after seventeen years as an Emergency Medical Physician.  Furthering her studies, Doctor Vulich completed a fellowship at The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, focusing on innovative cutting-edge science, research, and treatment modalities designed to prolong and enhance the human life span.

Doctor Vulich has a keen appreciation of aesthetics, as well as a profound understanding of human anatomy and physiognomy, which benefits her patients in effecting the most natural and desirable outcome to the procedures she provides.

Refine Medical Spa

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