About Lily Temmer

Where Creative Inspiration meets Business Sense

We all wonder where that spark of creative ingenuity comes from. Is it divinely inspired? Is it something that our minds fabricate when we have enough time to relax and allow it to come up with unforced answers?

I’m inspired by art, nature, travel, literature, and film. These things have fed my great passion: writing.

Like most creatives, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been a decorator and entertainologist, an award winning real estate broker, a business manager, an author with seven published books, and a copy and content writer with twelve years of experience. This year I’ve designed and built a number of beautiful and functional websites, which can be viewed in my portfolio.

I’ve struggled and failed, and often I have succeeded.  Along my journey I have learned about the power of words. They can make you weep, buy products you don’t need, transport you to different worlds, and open your mind. Words can launch you and  your business, put you ahead of the competition, make people sit up and say, ‘Aha, I recognize that brand, and I choose to go with it.’

I want to help you succeed, whatever your path,  so that you can meet your goals faster and free your time to live life to the fullest.