Website Design

What makes a website successful?

Multiple factors, including quality content, link building, and SEO optimization, work synchronistically to produce functionality and site ranking. However, aesthetics play a major part in drawing visitors and inducing them to not click away instantly.

Many web developers have the technical know-how to build sites, but it takes a great eye and intelligence to understand how to present visuals on a website or on social media to their greatest advantage.

Of course, good design is just one essential component of a website. I have also been a business owner and understand what drives your customer needs and the type of design that would be relevant to the nature of your business.  As a writer, I will make your content sing and tailor it to be about the value your business brings to your clients.

Each website I create is fully responsive and looks as good on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop as it does on a full screen computer.

Along with outstanding customer service and rapid delivery, I bring all my knowledge to the design of websites for small business owners in the Chicago area and beyond.

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