Website Design

What makes a website successful?

Multiple factors, including quality content, link building, and SEO optimization, work synchronistically to produce functionality and site ranking. However, aesthetics play a major part in drawing visitors in and inducing them to remain and not click away instantly.

Western culture is moving away from the word towards the image. We have evidence that short, to the point, image rich content draws the most attention. In our fast paced culture, the smart phone is revolutionizing our browsing habits and text alone is not enough to induce interest.

Many web developers have the technical know-how to build sites, but it takes a great eye and intelligence to understand who the target audience is and how to present visuals on a site to their greatest advantage.

I was trained by my mother, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, and have honed my eye by repeated visits to the great art museums of the world, including the Prado, the Louvre, the National Gallery ( London), the Tate, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Uffizi, the Vatican Museum, and many others.  My own work has focused on portraiture and still life in pencil, oils, and pastels, and I have never shied away from copying the great masters in order to learn technique, composition, and colorization.

Of course, good design is just one essential component of a website. I have also been a business owner and understand what drives your customer needs and the type of design that would be relevant to the nature of your business.  As a writer I will make your content sing and tailor it to be all about your clients and the value your business brings to them.

Each website I create is fully search engine optimized and looks as good on a cell phone, tablet, or laptop as it does on a full screen computer.

Along with outstanding customer service and rapid delivery, I bring all my knowledge to the design of websites for small business owners in the Chicago area and beyond.