Everything you need to know about cannabis infused alcoholic drinks

Cocktails and Cannabis


It tastes amazing, it’s relaxing, and it breaks down inhibitions. But what happens in your body when you drink alcohol? 

Alcohol enters your bloodstream through your stomach and small intestine. Your liver is trying to metabolize the alcohol but it takes an hour or so with a standard drink. If you keep drinking, your brain function will be impaired. However, you feel great. Why?  Because alcohol releases excess gaba aminobutryric acid (GABA) and dopamine, two neurotransmitter that occur naturally in the brain. GABA calms you down and dopamine stimulates pleasure.

Keep drinking and you might get aggressive or experience black-outs


Smoking weed works similarly in your body. It enters the bloodstream via the lungs. THC triggers your brain to release large amounts of dopamine giving you a pleasant high. It may heighten your sensory perception and your perception of time. In the hippocampus, THC changes the way you process information, so your judgment may be impaired and your memory hampered.

Everyone is different

No two bodies are alike, and you may experience an unpleasant reaction when you mix the two. In any case, don’t even think about driving until you are sober.

Marijuana infused drinks

Is it wise to mix alcohol and cannabis?

The conventional wisdom seems to be no. But people are already looking for new highs and new ways of making money. So what should you know before beginning to experiment?

Go slow!

THC paired with alcohol will hit your blood stream hard and fast. 

Royal Queen Seeds writes:

“When deciding to smoke a THC-laden joint, beer can also heighten the experience in a number of ways. The trick here is to pick the right kind of strain. Hybrids or sativas tend to go better with alcohol simply because it is a depressant. The couch-lock effect of a heavy indica might send you off to sleep with the first swig.

However, there are some beers with a low-alcohol volume that can perfectly complement such endeavours. For example, sour beers are a good choice. They can reduce the feeling of cotton mouth. Pilsners are also a great, low-alcohol beer to try with your favourite strain. They act as refreshing palate cleansers.”


Before you take the next step and actually start infusing your booze with weed, medical experts suggest that you should start with mocktails and see how you react. HelloMD says once you decided to start infusing your liquor, less is more since you may end up with a powerful concentration that is more than you bargained for.


Cannabis Drinks

How do they taste?

We have read that commercial concoctions taste like everything from gasoline to pee (we’re not going to ask!) But there are some companies that are doing a good job. The San Francisco Chronicle has put together a list, taste tested the offerings, and described them. If characterizations like these don’t put you off, then read on:

Coconut bouquet like sunscreen with pineapple undertone. Thick viscosity, good mouthfeel … Big almond amaretto nose, soft root beer notes. Sweet but shy of cloying. … 

Any good?

What about cannabis infused beer?

It’s already happening with non-alcoholic beers, which are infused with THC.

Non-alcoholic infused beers

Love Blue Moon? Its crafter is now working on a THC infused beer

The Man behind Blue Moon

Are we ever going to see cannabis infused alcoholic beer?

Maybe. If it happens it will come from Canada. There’s a brewery that is attempting to brew craft beers from all parts of the plant that will have different flavors. Can they get around the law? That remains to be seen.

Province Brands

Wine and Pot

An interesting pairing

The commercial offerings are alcohol free, but they are being produced in California.

Canna Vines, and Rebel Coast Winery are working on creating what they claim are tasty blends with 20 mgs of THC in every bottle.

Cannabis infused wines

So, how does it taste? 

According to Torrey Holistics:

‘Rebel Coast’s Sauvignon Blanc has been carefully crafted so it tastes crisp and refreshing like an actually white wine. Through a sophisticate distillation process, extraction experts are now able to remove cannabis flavors and aromas to isolate pure THC that is flavorless and odorless. This cannabis infused wine features grapes grown right here in sunny Sonoma, California. The taste is very reminiscent of a slightly acidic, crisp white wine.’

Read on

Got any recipes for Cannabis alcoholic drinks?

Yes, we Googled and made a selection

The best recipes for cannabis infused alcoholic drinks

Here is a cold busting elixir from Esquire with honey and vodka:

Esquire drinks recipes

A ton of how –  to’s, complete with video instructions:

The Tipsy Bartender


Cannabis infused tequila

THC infused whiskey

THC infused whiskey

How do I make cannabis infused vodka?

What can we conclude about cannabis infused alcoholic drinks ?

While they are a novelty at present, they may be here to stay for good. Regardless of the fact that some recreational users will still prefer to smoke their pot and have a drink on the side, others may prefer to experiment and see what sort of high – or which sort of pain relief – they can get from cannabis infused alcohol. 

Others may simply prefer to imbibe THC in a tasty non – alcoholic wine or craft beer. We know that the high will come on faster and be more intense than that caused by smoking. 

Irrespective, conventional wisdom suggests that you go slow. Don’t drink too much, too fast, or on an empty stomach. Don’t over infuse your liquor. Err on the side of caution since you may end up with a much more potent concoction than you anticipated. Don’t drive afterward, as your motor function and judgement will be impaired. 


Advice for Women

Although there have been very few studies to date, we can extrapolate the fact that women have a smaller quantity of dehydrogenase, an enzyme that breaks down alcohol, than men. So watch your portions.  Additionally, premenstrual hormonal changes cause intoxication faster during the days prior to your period.


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