Value, marketing, and your website

Your website and social media presence should be two chief components of your overall marketing strategy. Both function to create the first impression you make when a potential customer is searching online. First impressions are formed in seconds, so you need to be competitive. In fact, you need to outdo your competition. Before you begin the process marketing yourself and the thinking about the overall look of your website, you need to think about value and your value proposition.

8 Critically Important Things Small Business Owners Need to Know About Websites

As a small business owner you are probably consumed by the demands of your business and have little time to think about your on line presence. If you are like 60% of small business, you do not have a website at all. If you are one of the 40% who do own a website, it is highly likely that your website has outdated features. This is short a non-technical guide to understanding which features are critical to maintaining a competitive edge in today's marketplace. 

Features Your Website Must Have -Color

The purpose of having a well organized and  beautiful website Sometimes, when I read articles by web designers my eyes glaze over after a few hundred words. I think they serve as informative guidelines for other designers; however they simply don’t address lay people in easy to understand terms. I’m going to break down some … Continue reading Features Your Website Must Have -Color

1000 or More Words per Blog Post to Rank

Hemingway or Victor Hugo? There’s a word I came to late in life that I simply adore: prolix. It’s sort of a combination of verbose and tedious. You know, it refers to the kind of 19th century author who uses two thousand words when two hundred will do. Changing reading habits in the 20th century … Continue reading 1000 or More Words per Blog Post to Rank