Cannabis floral arrangements

Flower arrangements with - Cannabis?

Ever wonder how flowers and floral arrangements became a part of our lives?

We give flowers to show love, express sympathy, decorate our homes, and our graves. We send them as get well gestures to ailing friends and loved ones. We decorate our weddings and our special parties with them. Sometimes we buy them for ourselves because they make us happy due to their beauty and scent.

Where did flower arranging begin and how did it evolve through the ages? Read on for a short history of flower arranging and to find out where we are today with cannabis inspired arrangements. 


The history of floral arrangements begins in Egypt with highly stylized, simple, symmetrical styles that were applied in making garlands and decorating banquets. Flowers were also used in funeral processions and in burials.

Greece and Rome

Flowers were used profusely by Greeks and Romans to decorate hair, homes, banquets, and festivities. Lovers also exchanged gifts of flowers. Displays were lavish, particularly in Rome.

China and Japan

Simplicity, shape, and symbolism played  a part in creating soothing, spiritually oriented designs that impart a mood of tranquility and peacefulness upon the viewer. 

European Middle Ages

Flowers and herbs were revered for their medicinal and healing properties, while decorative flowers were placed in vases.  All in all, there was a spiritual component to design along with an attitude of utility towards flowers.

Renaissance and Baroque

We only need to look at the paintings of the two eras to see how the attitude from the Medieval period had shifted. Arrangements during these periods were lavish and lush and fruits and leaves were incorporated into arrangements.

Dutch/ Flemish Style

Still imitated and incredibly beautiful, Dutch arrangements featured tulips, fruits, insects and strewn petals. Often flowers were arranged in blue and white tulipieres. 


Lush, messy, naturalistic, overdone and overblown,  Victorian excess  paved the way for more formality and standardized rules in flower arranging. 

20th Century to the Present

Creativity is key, as is use of empty space. Asymmetry abounds, materials are not restricted and tension between elements creates a significant impact.

Cannabis inspired arrangements

Do they look good? To my eye, they look amazing in profuse, naturalistic bouquets and asymmetrical arrangements that incorporate blowzy flowers and natural pods and berries. Do they smell good? Well, probably not unless you like weed, but the high point is that you can smoke the cannabis after the rest of the bouquet dies off.


Folks, believe it or not, cannabis floral arrangements have become all the rage in Colorado and California.

The leaf has an interesting shape which lends itself to the sort of free form, naturalistic arrangements that have become popular in recent years. 

And of course, afterward, you can put the stems in a dry environment and smoke it after a couple of weeks. 

Take a look at the Flower Daddy’s Portfolio for some truly inspired designs.

The Flower Daddy 

Cannabis Wedding Expos

If you can imagine anything that is wedding related and decorated with cannabis from hair ornaments to bouquets, you will get a picture of what is on offer at these venues.

Weed weddings have become a big business. Everything is on the menu, from gifting guests with CBD infused products to carrying pot bouquets to hiring a bud tender.

Brides today want something totally different and the marriage of weed and weddings is looking promising – to the tune of billions of dollars in revenue.

Check out this gorgeous styled  shoot at OffBeat Bride for inspiration. 

Marijuana Wedding

Where else might you see cannabis bouquets?

Florist Bec Koop, based in Denver, took her floral business to new highs by incorporating weed. Other than weddings, she creates arrangements for bridal showers, yoga parties, and wine and food tasting events.

Koop’s struggles with banking and transportation have led her to think outside the box like many ganjapreneurs.

Read more here

Canna florist

So should you give your sweetie a pot bouquet?

Well, does he or she like to smoke weed? Would you like them to try it? If so feel free to spend a few extra bucks and get something special.

Don’t be put off by the notion that cannabis is something trashy. You can get gorgeous, ‘classy’ floral arrangements with white or pale flowers and other exotic greens or grey green elements in them.

Pot is legal in a number of states now, it has tons of health benefits and it will become more and more mainstream as time goes by.


Who buys pot bouquets?

Women are the fastest growing segment of the market. While men buy for their significant others, women tend to buy flowers for their friends, mothers, and sisters. They also order flowers for private dinners and special events. 

Cannabis can elevate a floral gift, particularly if the recipient is suffering from an illness and takes cannabis medicinally. 

Can we expect to see cannabis get well  arrangements soon? Well, why not? Cannabis can help with pain, nausea, seizures and a host of other conditions. Why not include it when giving flowers to our ailing loved ones?

Women and pot bouquets

Where will you get your weed arrangement? 

There are florists in California and Colorado who specialize in cannabis floral design. But where will you get it in Illinois? You might need to ask your local florist if they will make it for you,  although you will probably have to purchase the weed yourself and gift it to them to get around dispensary laws. 

We will update this post as soon as we discover any information on the subject.

Watch florist Maurice Harris make a beautiful and smoke-able weed crown

What should I do if I am a florist?

You should branch out and see if the canna flor business can add to your revenue stream. The great thing is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Precedents have been made in California and Colorado that you can follow. 

Read more at Leafly:

Cannabis Florists

Colorado Florists’ Opinions

The truth about Cannafloral Businesses

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