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CBD oil for pets

Animals and Cannabis They’ll eat it given the chance! CBD OIL FOR CATS, DOGS, HORSES, RABBITS AND FARM ANIMALS Wild Animals Yes, our animals cousins love getting high. It has often been observed that domestic and wild animals can get drunk by eating fermented fruit. Like wise, some animals love grazing on marijuana plants. In the wild, herbivores like deer are known to be heavy feeders and growers are advised to protect their plants.
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Everything you need to know about cannabis infused alcoholic drinks

Cocktails and Cannabis Alcohol It tastes amazing, it’s relaxing, and it breaks down inhibitions. But what happens in your body when you drink alcohol?  Alcohol enters your bloodstream through your stomach and small intestine. Your liver is trying to metabolize the alcohol but it takes an hour or so with a standard drink. If you keep drinking, your brain function will be impaired. However,  you feel great. Why?  Because alcohol releases excess gaba aminobutryric
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Do you want to open a cannabis cafe?

Are cannabis cafes legal in Illinois?   Are there any cannabis cafes open in the USA currently?  Yes. The first cannabis cafe, Cannabis Cafe, opened in California in October of 2019. What are the regulations concerning cannabis cafes in the state of Illinois? As of the November 2019 legislation, public smoking of cannabis will be restricted to cannabis lounges and dispensaries. On December 17, 2019  CBS 2 reporter Vince Gerasole facilitated a Reddit Ask Me Anything
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Best recreational dispensary website design

How can my recreational dispensary website stand out? There are a number of factors that go into creating the best recreational dispensary website designs. We will discuss those factors in the post.   How can I compete in the rapidly growing cannabis sector?  There are several ways you can distinguish your dispensary and stand out from your competitors: Service Knowledge Value Product However, first you need to be found. Your website is the key
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Branding your website can be difficult when you don't know what to emphasize or who your end user will be.
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HOW WEBSITES CHANGE OVER TIME ACCORDING TO NEED Two years ago, my client Andrew Swan Ph.D, asked me to put together a website for him with the sole instruction that it was to be IBM blue. I went to work immediately. However, when Dr. Swan began using his website this winter, the blue was the only element that remained. The images, content, and design features were changed to reflect his current status and career
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