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How clean is my dispensary?

Is my dispensary taking precautions against Coronavirus? Right now you are probably staying at home, practicing social distancing and washing your hands often. If you are like many cannabis users, you are ordering online and picking up curbside.  But what is actually going on at your dispensary?  What sorts of precautions are being taken there? Many dispensaries report that they insist their bud tenders wash their hands between every transaction and that surfaces are
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Can CBD boost my immune system?

What should I do to lessen my chances of contracting Coronavirus? If you, like many people in the world, are worried about Corona virus, you may want to optimize your health and wellness regime as much as possible. Chances are you are already socially isolating, working from home, not taking public transportation and so on. There is much advice and misinformation on the Internet today, so you  may want to do some research before succumbing
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How Will Coronavirus Affect the Cannabis Industry?

Trade Show Cancellations The global outbreak of Coronavirus is set, not only to impact health, but financial markets and businesses. How will this affect the cannabis industry?  Illinois governor, JB Pritzker has banned public gatherings of more than a thousand people for the time being.  That will significantly impact the upcoming trade shows in Illinois. The first, NECANN, scheduled for April 3-4 at the Chicago Hilton has been indefinitely postponed.  The second large trade
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Can Cannabis help my sex life?

Cannabis and Sex Cannabis and sexual performance Can Cannabis products actually help to improve my sex life? There haven’t been enough formal studies to indicate that cannabis will improve your sex life. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it can do the following:  Cannabis can heighten your senses Cannabis can lower your inhibitions Being high can stimulate your creativity CBD and cannabis can relieve pain Cannabis can heighten sensitivity Cannabis can affect your endorphins and make
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Cannabis floral arrangements

Flower arrangements with – Cannabis? Ever wonder how flowers and floral arrangements became a part of our lives? We give flowers to show love, express sympathy, decorate our homes, and our graves. We send them as get well gestures to ailing friends and loved ones. We decorate our weddings and our special parties with them. Sometimes we buy them for ourselves because they make us happy due to their beauty and scent. Where did
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Can I build a house out of hemp?

You can build a house from hemp! We have a new obsession. We’ve fallen in love with the YouTube channel, Living Big in a Tiny House. The episodes are presented by Bryce Langston, a New Zealand native, who is passionate about sustainable, downsized, eco-friendly living. Bryce and his partner, Rasa, who does all the gorgeous camera work, travel the world in search of tiny houses and present them, along with their owners, weekly. The
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