Is Your Bio A Hazard?

Is Your Bio a Hazard?  I can fix it for you!

While I was writing this article, I received a message from one of my clients, a respected photographer. This is a direct quote from her client, a bride, whom she met for the first time yesterday:

‘First I was intrigued by your images. They spoke to me. Then I read your bio and it felt right. Then I went onto your blog posts and I was sold!’

Since I wrote several versions of that biography and many of the longer blog posts, I was encouraged to move forward and publish this article.

The importance of having a great biography

Whether you are looking for a job, clients, or need to establish your credentials, the importance of a well written biography cannot be overestimated. Your biography is the first view people who are online will have of you.  Most studies indicate you have less than three minutes to make an impression, so your biography needs to convey your unique qualities and qualifications in a tightly written and inspiring way.

When do you need to hire a professional writer?

  • You know your field, and you know how good you are, but writing isn’t your strong point. You begin, but you’re not sure what to emphasize, and you find yourself rambling and going off course. You don’t want to bore your reader or have them think less of you due to your choice of words.
  • You need to stand out in your field, but what distinguishes you? Often, it’s not our actual skills but effective marketing that marks the difference between success and failure.
  • You are new to your field and uncertain how to leverage your education or previous experience.
  • You are too modest to blow your own horn. Unfortunately, most of us were taught to not overplay our strengths and to take a self-effacing approach. Even when we know our value, we are afraid to be perceived as arrogant or unpleasant.
  • You are not a native English speaker. I’m a Slav. I have worked for many Slavic professionals who, despite their high levels of education, commonly misplace articles since they don’t exist in our languages. Whether it involves spelling, sentence structure, or phrasing, English is a difficult language. Many natives don’t get it right.
  • You’re busy. You know you need to take care of social media and have a website, but you can’t do it all yourself.
  • You’re not objective. Sometimes we need a second pair of eyes to point out strengths that may not be obvious to us.

It’s all about them

The thing to remember is your skills are commodities in a competitive market place, unless you can sell yourself as an expert who can solve others’ problems. Your biography needs to be about what you can deliver to your clients or your prospective employers, and yet, it needs to be unique to you.

And lastly, often you will need one or more biographies depending on your purpose.


To see examples:


If you want to be recognized as a leader in your profession call, contact, or message me to discuss your needs.


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