Best Idea Starter for Stuck Bloggers



By that I mean everything, not just other blogs within your niche. And not just about what’s trending. You’ve already learned about Google Analytics. You know how to monetize your site. You’ve read multiple tips how to engage your audience. But most of the time, you feel as if you are lost in the crowd and simply echoing what others have said.

However, if you want to be a leader you need to come up with original content.   

You will never be short of ideas with this simple tip

Reading expands your horizons and gives you a much broader paradigm from which to generate ideas. Left alone, your mind will create the connections which will spark your creativity.

Inspiration comes from everywhere

Articles, popular novels, classic literature, news items, biographies, academic interests, historical non-fiction, film, video, and selective television programs (which all began as scripts) will give you a broad base of knowledge from which to draw.

 You Have Time to Read

The time you spend on social media or watching mindless television programs can always be diverted. Boring commutes can be mitigated by listening to audio books or quick reads. Morning coffee, the bath, before falling asleep are ideal times to read.

How it Works

When I first began writing, I conceived a book that would consist of interrelated stories about women. Since I was practicing yoga at the time, it occurred to me that I could order the stories like the 7 chakras on the human body. The first story would be about the world, the second about creativity, the third about power, and so on. Of course, Joyce’s Dubliners served as the precedent.  But I had no idea how to bring these stories to life or how to populate them with interesting characters, and so I filed the idea away.

Fast forward a decade.  I read an article about an artist who decided to spoof the Venice Biennale by creating 100 alter -egos and their work. I immediately realized we all have other selves populating our fantasies.  Shortly thereafter, I fleshed out seven characters whose traits corresponded to the above categories.

Because I had been researching globalization and its repercussions for another book, many of the stories took on the topic of immigration and displacement. Another theme was the about authenticity and leaving behind conventional lives and routines to forge one’s independent creative life, something we in the blogosphere are all trying to achieve.

I also drew on my Slavic background, not because I am particularly interested in identity politics, but to flavor the stories with experiences from a population, which despite its numbers in the Western Hemisphere has failed to forge a literature of its own.

I never sat down and forced those ideas. Instead, they came together organically in random moments when my mind was quiet.

Best Opportunities for Forging Connections

You have to spent time alone for inspiration to blossom, but you don’t have to isolate yourself from the world. My best inspiration has come in the shower, or during my daily walk or swim, which I have to do to maintain physical health.

One of the best methods is to jot down a problem before going to sleep. Amazingly, your mind, in its totality, will come up with ideas. There are multiple theories why that works. Suffice it to say, you can choose to explain it in a way that adheres to your belief system.

Why it Doesn’t Take Hours of Writing and Rewriting

Most of us don’t have time to sit at the computer for hours on end. Refining your ideas can be done while you are doing chores. Driving, cleaning house, exercise, running errands, yard work, and walking the dog are ideal opportunities to let your creativity flow.

Of course, not all of your ideas will be worth pursuing, but you will have more of them if you incorporate reading into your life.







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