Storytelling for Business Owners

You have a vision of the perfect life: Your children are safe and successful, you have a loving spouse, your home is your castle, you have good health, and economic security. Sadly, the perfect life is a place we never arrive at. Once one phase is over another struggle begins.

You may be one of the lucky ones. You own your own business, and yet you find yourself working harder and longer than ever before. You have so many tasks in front of you that you are overwhelmed. Still, you know that you must have a brand, a website, search engine optimization, print ads, newsletters, mailings, and social media interaction to help your business grow.

You have heard that it is necessary to build a mailing list and give away valuable content that will one day convert to prospects to customers. Now you have just read that everyone is doing that and that to stand out you must tell a compelling story. You wonder what that could mean and how you can even get started.

This is where I come in. I understand the power of words and what they can accomplish for your business. Like you, I’m a seasoned professional who has built and managed businesses. Like you, I have had successes and failures and have had to reinvent myself and adjust the way I do business and think about the world.

We feel less secure economically than we ever did before. Competition is tough and we need tighter business plans which will work in the current marketplace. Let me help you tell your story and connect with your customers in a way which will significantly benefit all parties for the greatest good, because we all thrive when you deliver your best product.

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